Dzintari concert hall renovation in Jurmala

Competition: 2008 / 1st prize
Project: 2009-2010
Realization: 2013 – 2015
Project team: M.Jaunromāns, M.Ābele, I.Skadiņa, D.Gertners, restoration: I.Heinrihsone

Reconstruction and restoration of wooden Art Deco concert hall, located in the resort town of Jurmala. Originally built in 1936, it is declared a historical and architectural monument of national significance.  Along with construction of new areas, total 1500 sq.m (underground floor that features a restaurant, wardrobe and make-up rooms for artists) renovation adjusted the concert hall to be operational during winter season, while safeguarding Art Deco interior. Transformational chair system with 460 seats was constructed, providing multifunctional use for the main concert hall. Gradual coloration of newly built premises varying from white to gray, leads visitor to dark, saturated colors of Art Deco halls.
Evaluation of the Latvian Architecture Award jury:
The unique building in the very heart of Jūrmala, which, considering the volume of reconstruction works, has become the leading construction in the entire complex or Dzintari Concert Hall. The reconstruction and and restoration of the building has returned the lacking cultural life component of the city in top quality. The reserved elegance of the authors permeates all part of the building, which are different in terms of style and color palette. The white entrance node represents the beginning of the road, which leads further on through the lobby with cloakrooms into the restored Art Deco hall. It is like a music composition from introduction to culmination. It is a real joy to be experienced not only by experts of architecture, but by any visitor.

Mukusala art gallery

Competition: 2015 / 3rd prize
Project team: M. Jaunromāns, M. Ābele, D. Gertners, J. Šaitere, K. Jaunromāns, I. Rukšāne (ALPS)


Competition: 2015
Project team: D.Gertners, M.Jaunromāns, K.Jaunromāns, L.Zaļā (Zala landscape architects), I.Rukšāne (ALPS)