ARS medical center (Red Cross hospital reconstruction) in Riga

Project: 2015 – 2019
Realization: 2022 –
Project team: M.Jaunromāns, M.Ābele, I.Gromule, D.Gertners, E.Šopiak, M.Dembo, K.Stepe, L.Daņiļēviča, F.K.Maršāns

Former Red Cross hospital was built in 1910-1912, project created by architect F.Shefel. Reconstruction and building of the new Personalized Medicine Center will create a modern hospital, restoring the original neoclassicism style buildings and creating additional volumes in the historical city center site. Gross floor area 8400m2.


Proposal: 2019
Project team: M.Jaunromāns, M.Ābele, D.Gertners, A. Šneps-Šneppe

Proposal for Dr.Maurins clinic in Mezaparks. Main entrance facade faces Kokneses prospekts, car parking in couryard, preserved every existing tree on site, functional zoning and medical technologies solved without compromises.