Competition: 2009 / 1st prize
Realization: 2012
Project team: M.Jaunromāns, M.Ābele, L.Laudere, D.Jaunzems

The structure is a result of implementation of a prize-winning design of student’s competition. It was developed for the Future part of Consolation area of Memorial park Likteņdārzs (The Garden of Destiny) and it fits well within the overall concept of the park. The panorama terrace and the pavilion create a harmonious environment revealing the specific nature of the site with sweeping views across the tranquil river Daugava. The project emphasizes the close relationship between Latvians and nature what is a source of inner strength, energy and peacefulness and harmony. In the context of Liktendārzs, nature also provides solace. Architecturally, the aim was to create the structure at the end of of the path where a bench gradually transforms into a terrace overlooking Daugava, to achieve the harmony between the site and the scenery. Planning the movement of people, the structure is is partly embedded in the relief so as not to obstruct panoramic view across the Daugava along the path, and covered stops with benches are arranged on the riverbank in the places providing the most spectacular and emotional views, offering the visitor to choose the desired level of openness or seclusion.

Berci square in liepaja

Competition: 2016 / 3rd prize
Project team: M. Jaunromāns, D.Gertners, M.Ābele, D.Aumele, E.Kaužēna, A.Purviņa, K.Gulbis