Loft in Riga

Project: 2011
Realization: 2012
Project team: M.Jaunromāns, M.Ābele, E.Berga, D.Gertners

Spaciousness was acquired instead of confined narrowness by combining a small upper-floor flat with uninhabited attic of a courtyard house located in the center of Riga. Thus a new special structure appeared without the “low ceiling feel” which has become known as a loft in typology of modern urban housing. The client fully trusted architect’s vision during the development of the transformation project. using the most popular ideas of the modern interior design, the loft has been designed focusing on professionals residing in the city who would not expect any custom-made individual solutions in their minimalist living environment. Like in a sculpture when pure, clear shapes are traditionally set off by white marble, the nuanced use of white color also accentuates proportions of the room, clarity of details and balanced harmony what is in line with minimalist requirements. Accents are put on certain finish materials and the overall unity of the rooms, i.e. successful interactions between wall planes and openings and dimensions of spaces.Loft includes several possibilities of zoning. First level includes the public area with a kitchen and an extra room that may be used as an office or a guest bedroom, while the second level contains the private area with master bedroom, a bathroom and a multi-purpose foyer.