Realization: 2014
Project team: M.Ābele, M.Jaunromāns, G.Andersone

The term “Pied-a-terre” refers to a type of an urban apartment not used by its owner as a permanent place of residence, but only inhabited from time to time.
Apartment in Riga, Ausekļa str.7 is made to give the owner freedom of modelling his space as needed. Since nothing of building’s original interior had survived, there are no references to the architectural shape of the building – the interior is modern and laconic.
Evaluation of the Latvian Architecture Award jury:
The apartment with its smart functionality, quality of interior details and fine joinery solutions is a noteable contender for a Pied-a-terre style living space, well known in Europe’s metropolises, but unusual for Riga. Not disregarding the historical context, the project puts a contemporary spin on the classic enfilade, but also makes use of modern-day, rational, simple and comfortable home design principles in an environment that has already lost it’s historical finesse.